Progettazione Arredamenti su misura

Via IX Settembre, 46E
36078 Valdagno (VI) Italy

Ph. 0445-1650209

A modern and technological carpentry in Valdagno

Using specialized software with 5-axis interpolating CNC machines we are able to work with extreme customization every detail, creating curved surfaces, inclined surfaces, etc.

Woodworking is our strong point: our aim is to design and create any piece of wooden furniture by combining it with other materials (marble, glass, iron, mirrors, metals, upholstery, wrought iron, brass etc.) to give life to what is still a dream for our customers.

We convey attention to detail and care by personally following and carrying out all the phases of realisation within our company. We prefer to use PEFC-certified local woods with the environment in mind.

All ours production aims at excellence, fully exalting elegance and Italian style: manual ability, precision and attention to detail are the elements that distinguish our creations.



Do you have an idea or need an idea for your business or home? It would be a pleasure for us to help you enjoy a unique, distinctive and extremely functional space.
Come and visit us in Valdagno or arrange a meeting via video conference on Zoom.