Progettazione Arredamenti su misura

Via IX Settembre, 46E
36078 Valdagno (VI) Italy

Ph. 0445-1650209

We are Sebastiano and Roberta, and we know very well how you feel.

You're trying to build the space of your dreams... and the destination seems so far away, the possibilities endless.

We also have a business and are a family. We believe that places of work and home are very important. In fact, we have studied and created them with great passion and with the utmost attention to every detail of the furniture, both for aesthetics and for functionality, but above all, with great satisfaction, we can say that they are OURS.

This is how we are. When we go for a coffee at the bar, we don’t just care about the cup and the contents: we want to look each other in the eye and converse in a place that makes us feel good. And in the morning, when we wake up, finding ourselves in a place that belongs to us is the first step to starting a great day.


Are spaces and places important to you too? We bet they are. With a long experience gained over the years, we have understood that people, in order to get their ideas off the ground, need the concreteness of those who know how to realize them.

This is why Essenza was born in Valdagno, in the province of Vicenza – Italy, with a young and dynamic team at your disposal that knows how to work as a team and that exudes warmth. We feel like a family that shares human values and we say good morning every morning.

We solve aesthetic and technical problems of the environments entrusted to us and we distinguish ourselves for innovative solutions in the use of furniture and furnishings.

Our mission is to realize the dreams of entrepreneurs and people who want something unique and special for their bars, stores, restaurants, hotels and private homes.




We analyze and listen to people who ask us for help


With 3D software we give life to your desires by visualizing the solutions we propose.


We give you the opportunity to follow step by step the processing of wood combined with many types of materials (stones, metals, fabrics, leather, and any type of coating) we always create unique and custom pieces.


We offer a turnkey service: we take care of the design, plumbing and electrical systems, masonry, installation and assembly of furniture and furnishings.


The environment that reflects your character and personality is finally in your lives.



Do you have an idea or need an idea for your business or home? It would be our pleasure to help you enjoy a unique, distinctive and highly functional space.
Stop by and see us in Valdagno or schedule a video conference meeting on Zoom.